Cynthia is a great light in the world of alternative holistic health care. Her knowledge of Homeopathy and other healing modalities make her a wonderful diagnostician and healer. I went to her with several issues one of which was painful wrists and with the first remedy she cleared up the pain. She works well with adults and children. I send my own clients to her on a regular basis and continue to see her myself for a constitutional remedy. She is compassionate, fun, attentive, caring and detail oriented. Homeopathy is an amazing healing tool and she wields it with strength and love. 

Andrea-Marie Stark, Tree of Life Healing, Pasadena CA

"Cynthia is a treasure.  Her skill and caring have addressed issues that have
plagued me most of my life, such as terrible allergies (hay fever) and low
back pain, both of which were non-issues this spring.  I also think the
remedy has supported me emotionally during a trying time.  She is an
important part of my support system."

 - K.O.



"I cannot say enough for Cynthia's passion as a healer. Over the past year and a half, she has worked diligently and thoroughly to find just the right remedy that will support my most significant health needs. I am 57 years old. As I approach the age that society warns us to beware of as far as our body breaking down (I choose not to buy into it, but the message is so pervasive that it does need to be dealt with in my thinking), I am grateful to have a history with and be in the care of Cynthia. I appreciate everything she has done for me and look forward to our continuing relationship."

  - S.G.

"Cynthia's remedy has helped me stop spinning and feel calm.  She has also
helped me with my arthritis symptoms -- my joints are less stiff, red and
swollen each time I take the remedy.  More than that, Cynthia is such a good
listener and so detail oriented -- just talking with her as we identified my
health issues was enlightening.  She is a kind and gentle healer!"

 - R.J.

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