Why Sound Healing?

   Sound Healing is an ancient method of healing through vibration.  We use an array of tools, from hand cast Tibetan healing bowls to NASA grade & FDA approved metallic tuning forks, to gently access areas of the body that are typically only accessible with intrusive methods.  We use the unique vibrations from many specially designed tools, from ancient to the newest science, to reach through to your core and help create positive change, internally.   With sound wave excitation we create a loosening effect inside the body, using sound wave properties including percolation, dispersion and entrainment to literally change how you feel inside.

   Nearly all of us have seen the sad sight of a stagnant city river that looks old and decrepit when its waters are low and slow.  Notice the difference in watching a small babbling brook, high in the mountains, as life teams around the clear, fast moving stream.  Science is proving, more and more, that just like in nature, movement and circulation are key to a healthy, balanced body.  With effective and efficient circulation the body can better transport the amazing healing components of our immune and other vital systems to areas that are under repair.  Our goal is to use the most gentle methods to support any healing process and help keep your internal vibration strong and in tune, thereby bringing you overall better health.  

   Sound healing is unique in its ability to affect very deeply and yet do so with no physical intrusions.  Participants often describe the feeling of being "washed over" by sound during a sound session, hence the term "sound bath".  The high water content of our bodies plays a critical role in that it creates an excellent conduit for the propagation of sound and other vibratory excitation.  

   Lay back, relax and allow the sounds to wash over you and transport you to a time and place of pure rest and supreme alignment.  It is in these moments of deep relaxation that we recapture lost parts of ourselves.  It is in these moments, when we achieve quiet and peace, that we help the body and mind to regain its original internal balance and harmonic vibration.  We welcome you to enjoy the amazing experience of a sound session where you can achieve a more healthy and radiant internal vibration.

Private sound Session:

60 min.  $85

90 min.  $115

group Sound sessions/Sound baths:

Pricing for groups as in advance reservations for either in home session or at our relaxing Healing Arts Center, for 10 or more is $20/person.

Standard Essential Oils are included in both group and private sessions.  Customized Essential Oils are available for your session for $25.  Oil blends are used for easing a variety of discomforts and we are able create custom blends to bring into your sessions.  Just let us know when you book your session you would like to discuss custom oil blends.

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