Why reiki?

Reiki is a healing touch technique for relaxation, that also promotes healing.  Reiki is extremely effective at providing a sense of balance for the body and mind.  It has been used beneficially throughout the world, in hospitals, in trauma centers and in family homes across many cultures.  It is a non-invasive technique that has no known adverse side-affects.  You can receive a Reiki treatment every day, if you choose, and in fact this would be of great benefit to anyone, whether healthy or ailing.

At Evolution Wellness, helping you achieve balance of mind, body and spirit is a guiding philosophy and really is the reason why we are here.  We offer a wide variety of ways to balance physically, mentally and emotionally, and a great way to start is to enjoy a Reiki session.  

Typically a session is one client to one practitioner, but we also have sessions where we can have two clients work with two practitioners and even one client and two practitioners.  When a situation calls for something extra, having two practitioners at once can have profound effects.  This is why we offer this special type of session. 


Private Sessions:

Introductory Session: 25% off

One-hour Session: $85 (standard essential oils included)

Add custom essential oils to fit your needs: $25

Chris & Cynthia double practitioner Reiki one hour session: $200

We are proud to offer Military and First Responder discounts.

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